Dictation with VoiceOver

This video by ccvipatbaruch on YouTube does a great job of showing how well the Dictation feature on the iPad works. As he shows, this feature can be used with VoiceOver.

Guided Access

With iOS 9, you can now set a timer for how long Guided Access will be active. This is done on the Guided Access options screen (accessed when you triple-click the Home button  while in Guided Access).  If you are on iOS 9, you will then see an option to set the time limit in the lower right hand corner of the screen. In your device’s Accessibility settings, you an set up Guided Access to speak a warning when 30 seconds are left. This can alert the learner to wrap up what they are working on before the time runs out.



Custom Shortcuts

Custom shortcuts for the keyboard make it easier to enter frequently typed phrases. You just have to enter the shortcut and iOS will expand it to the full phrase.

This YouTube video by Francie Black does a great job of showing you how to set up these custom shortcuts on your iOS device:

Other typing supports introduced in iOS 8:

Assistive Touch

The main change for AssistiveTouch since this video was released, is that with iOS 9 you can now customize the AssistiveTouch menu in Settings.






Navigation for Interactive Textbooks in iBooks

This video by iPadagogy provides a nice overview of how you navigate and interact with a multi-touch book on the iPad. These books are created with Apple’s iBooks Author software for the Mac (which is free).

Zoom Feature

Restrictions in IOS

This video from Walkers Tutorials shows you to set up Restrictions on your iOS device.